Edition No.40 - That Old Chestnut

Edition No.40 - That Old Chestnut

In the 1880s, many American newspapers began using 'chestnut' in the way we do now, while referring to hoary, oft-repeated stories, and the term eventually becoming established as a reliable part of the lingo. The 'old' part of it was added later for emphasis. Chestnuts themselves are low in fat and also offer a healthy dose of vitamin C. They’re prized for their adaptability and flavour, and work equally well in both savoury and sweet dishes (and while we’re here – drinks!). But while the notion of the ‘old chestnut’ has been used lo these many decades to describe something comparatively old hat, what we’re offering here is anything but; a festive flavour that doesn’t care which hemisphere its being enjoyed.

Juniper, Coriander, Chesnut, Hazlenut, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Licorice, Orange Peel



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