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Old Young's Juniper Society has been crowned the 2023 'Brand Innovator of the Year' by the prestigious, international Icons of Gin Awards!
It's great to see our hard work and dedication to crafting totally unique gins every month is being noticed...on the global award circuit no less!

"Never let a crisis go to waste."

Various:  Winston Churchill 1945;  Rahm Emmanuel 2009;  James Young 2020.

So, there we were. COVID-19 restrictions had all but shut down the distillery and we were feeling as anxious as a lovelorn teenager. We could have made hand sanitiser, but our passion is gin. So, what to do? During these darkest days of the pandemic, we decided to double down and make more gin! New gins. Different gins. All the gins.

The Old Young's Juniper Society was born.

We decided to commit to making a brand-new gin, every month… forever. Gins only available to members of our exclusive Juniper Society (we’re already calling it J-SOC). Want these gins from the tasting room? Sorry, no. Online? Nup. Bottleshops? Yeah… naaaa. You get the idea.

It’s like Netflix, but gin. Just $59 a month.

We can almost hear you now, “So, if I sign up, I get brand new, never to be repeated gins, delivered to my door, every month, for as long as I send you the princely sum of $59 per month?” Damn straight you do.

Totally unique gins delivered to your door. EVERY MONTH.

Every gin (500ml in case you were wondering) will be a surprise – you won’t know what you are getting until it arrives. But just to give you an idea, the first gin was called F*CK COVID. A huge, peppery gin which reflected that we were fair square in the middle of our anger phase of grief when we named and developed it. It had native pepperberry, honey, a touch of ginseng (our placebo of choice) and punched in at 60%.


F*ck Covid, Lilly Pilly Old Tom, Cider Gin, Christmas Tree, VB, Heat of the Moment, Pickled Gin, F*ck Bushfires, Forager of The Valley, Rise & Shine, Paw Paw, Cream Gin, Jörd plus Orange & Saffron.

As for the next gin? Well, you'll have to sign up to find out!

This is a big deal for us and we really hope you will get behind it. We can’t wait to share with you all the amazing gins we’re dreaming up.


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