Edition No.38 - Umami Spirit

Edition No.38 - Umami Spirit

Truffles have been prized since ancient times for their rare and earthy flavour. More recently, though they have become a prized cocktail ingredient, celebrated in more upscale and sophisticated environs for their unique and decadent drinking experiences. This month, we’re speaking to the hearts of every gastronome and cocktail enthusiast with a nose for life’s finer things by (literally) digging deep, sourcing the ultimate in the oil of this subterranean fungi and blending it with our unique concoction of Western Australian botanicals. The end product is really something else; with an unmatched silkiness that you’ll find smoother than chilling on a yacht to a Steely Dan slow jam on a late summer’s afternoon.

Juniper, Coriander, Orris, Shitake mushrooms, Button mushrooms, Truffle, Almond



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