Edition No.36 - Good Drhop

Edition No.36 - Good Drhop

August 4th was World Beer Day, so a very hoppy, if somewhat belated (or is it beer-lated) World Beer Day to those who celebrate. We trust you got all your perfect World Beer Day gifts, written and posted all your Beer Day cards, and sang traditional songs under your Beer Day tree. You’d have thought that given the different drinking experiences that beer and gin provide that never the twain shall meet. But think again – for just as we once combined the joys of the sauvignon blanc with gin, let it not be said that we’d neglect the nectar of the gods, especially at this, the most holy of months on the beer calendar. VB and extra magnum hops take this month’s gin to interesting and daring places – not necessarily bitter, but like the lemon peel, it's certainly twisted.

Juniper, Indian Coriander, Angelica, Magnum Hops, Lemon Peel, Licorrice, Lavender, Victoria Bitter




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