Edition No.27 - Aroy-Dee

Edition No.27 - Aroy-Dee

Sometimes when the right combination of flavours come together in cuisine, there’s no other way to describe it than simply just delicious. So naturally when the right combination of those same flavours come together in a gin, it’s going to be very delicious. Or ‘aroy-dee’ to use the Thai terminology. And with a generous measure of some of our favourite Thai spices, a hint of Australian chilli and a wash of coconut oil silkiness, this is a gin that has both an elegant smoothness and a punch of flavour. But if you really want to know the best way to characterise our Aroy-Dee, well, you just did - the name says it all.

Juniper, Indian Coriander, Angelica root, Lime peel, Australian red chilli, Galangal, Garlic, Coconut oil



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