Edition No. 23 - Banana

Edition No. 23 - Banana

This is a gin which is all about berries. That’s right, berries. The task at hand was to turn a barrel of berries into a gin. With scrumptious blueberry & banana bread on our mind, we set about to craft a distillate of blueberry and a deliciously distinctive banana gin to pair it with. Turns out that the berry was better on its own. And by that we mean the banana. Confused? Well, blueberries are berries. Juniper? Not technically a berry, but bananas however - actually a berry. Don’t worry, it blew our minds too. There’s only two things we know for sure. One, it’s a damn tasty gin and two, this shit is definitely bananas.

ABV: 38%

Juniper, Spanish Coriander, Orris, Fresh Banana, Dried Banana, Lemon Peel, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Almond


Pot, vapour and infusion

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