Edition No.7 - Pickled Gin

Edition No.7 - Pickled Gin

What's the recipe for writing a chart-topping song? We've got no idea. But what we do know is how to craft a full-flavoured Thai-inspired gin with perfectly balanced herbaceousness and heat. Taking juniper and coriander as our base, we spiced it up with lime zest, dessert lime and Thai basil - then topped it all off with some red Australian chilli and fresh Bird's Eye chilli. It's a gin with a little bit of heat, a whole lot of Asian flavour and a number one song to match.

ABV: 40%

Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Lemon, Dill, Garlic, Thyme, Almond, Licorice.



Fun Fact:
This is the first JSoc gin that was inspired by a cocktail -The Gibson. And it is pretty much a Gibson in a bottle. Our head distiller Tim loves Gibsons and is also a big fan of efficient bartending (feel free to read that as lazy bartending)so needless to say, this is a combo of the two. Yep, sometimes the distillers make gins for themselves.

Signature song:
'Higher love' by James Vincent Mcmorrow

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