Edition No.3 - Cider Gin

Edition No.3 - Cider Gin

Apples and Juniper. Cider and Gin. Never before have these two met in this way. When, thanks to our Swan Valley compadres, Funk Cider, we were presented with an abundance of delicious WA apple cider, we promptly used it to create an eminently delicious base for our gin. We then drew on a classic London dry botanical recipe to create our Cider Gin. Fresh, bright and yet dry, pair this with StrangeLove Tonic No.8 and garnish with fresh apple and lemon thyme to create a perfect serve.

ABV: 42%

Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Licorice, Orris, Lemon, Orange, Almond, Apple.



Fun Fact:
This colab between Old Young’s and Funk Cider resulted in two products: one was our Cider Gin for the Juniper Society, the other was a Gin Cider for Funk. And yes, both were limited release!

Extra Fun Fact:
The faces of the two sumo wrestlers are Dougie from Funk, and our head distiller Tim. Not just because it amused us to have their faces on the label, but they actually sumo wrestled each other in a ‘Battle of The Brands’ at Froth Town. Final score was a draw.

Signature song:
"Boys of Summer" by The Ataris

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